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Veterans' Salute Program

posted Oct 9, 2018, 7:45 PM by Barrie Concert Band   [ updated Oct 9, 2018, 7:46 PM ]
Over the years, a number of people have requested for more information about the program for the Veterans' Salute concert. Here is the final agenda with timing: 

Veterans' Salute Program for Oct. 16, 2018

BCB and Cadets - 7:15 Fanfare: Festival Fanfare

MC - Intro

MC - will intro each service's march and ask members to stand for anthems of each military unit.

BCB - Heart of Oak  w/Cadets

            Great Little Army

            RCAF  w/Cadets

            Marche Athene

            31st Greys  w/Cadets

MC -  Speech and Introduce Band  around 7:30

BCB - Tribute to the Liberators  5:00

            Dam Busters  4:00

            Cadets 1- Pack up your Troubles  1:15

            Sempre Fidelis  3:30

            Maple Leaf Forever 4:20

            Cadets 2- Hogan's Heroes  1:15

            A tribute to Glenn Miller 6:00

            Hail to the fleet  3:30

            Cadets 3- (D.C. with band)  Beneath the Vigils  3:00

            Beatles- Echoes of an Era 9:30

Play until about 8:15  After program, ask bands to bow, then MC to continue

MC - introduces speaker


MC- Thank you & introduction to O Canada and God Save the Queen

BCB - O Canada/God Save  w/Cadets

8:45 pm - break

9:00 pm - Skyliners' Big Band begins downstairs